Sunfish Cut Boat Club

Email: [email protected]

The Sunfish Cut Boat Club was formed when the city stepped in to regulate the docks and boating in the lagoon between Sunfish Cut and the Algonquin Island Bridge on Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands.

Basic Annual Membership Fee: $25.00

Canoe Membership Fee: $50.00
(Canoes are to be kept on the racks or removed to your home. Storage on the shoreline is not permitted)

Dock Rental:
Wet mooring is (dock width share + boat width X boat length) X wet mooring rate (per square ft.)


There is currently a waiting list for dock space.
Please email for further information to: Waiting List

Shoreline Cleanup

Originally scheduled for Saturday, July 8th is postponed

until Saturday, July 15th