Island Authors

Ann Lacey

Children as Peacemakers

ISBN: 0435088513

by Ann Lacey, Esther Fine, and Joan Baer
96 Pages, Published November 1995, Heinemann Educational Publishers

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Bill Freeman

A Magical Place :
Toronto Island and its People Children as Peacemakers

the story of this special place we live in, with lots of full-colour photographs

Far from Home:
Canadians and the First World War

a popular history detailing the extraordinary efforts of Canadians, with over 200 photographs and illustrations

Ed Tasca

In this first novel the author, inspired by the work of author-psychologist Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters), attempts to understand the role of art as the essential expression of our common humanity.

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Glen McArthur- Annie Szamosi

William Thomas, Architect 1799-1860

ISBN 0-88629-284-0

Copyright Glenn McArthur and Annie Szamosi, 1996.

Among architect-historians, William Thomas is recognized for being “one of the founders of the Canadian architectural profession”.

Glenn McArthur and Annie Szamosi’s fresh and information text surveys all of Thomas’s known and attributed works. McArthur’s superb photographs and watercolours are complemented by contemporary views, old photographs of demolished buildings, and orginal sketches.

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Winner of a 1997 Heritage Toronto Book Award



A Progressive Traditionalist: John M. Lyle

Lyle was an anomaly among architects: a Beaux-Arts classicist who nevertheless found much inspiration in modernism, allowing his own traditionalist practice to be affected in form and detail by a brave new emphasis on minimalism and indigenous influence. 

This publication traces the aesthetic trajectory of the architect through the tumultuous first half of the twentieth century, documenting his training at Yale and in Paris, his early career in New York and his later successes in Toronto, including his tireless efforts to raise the profile of the profession through teaching, writing, curating and lecturing, and his attempts to pave the way for a uniquely Canadian architecture. 

Winner of the 2010 Heritage Toronto Book Award

Colour and Two-Dimensional Design

This is the second edition of the highly successful Colour and Two–Dimensional Design textbook, which has been expanded with updated information and includes new units on Light and Lighting and Materials.

This is a comprehensive source for basic colour and design interactions, elements and principles that underlie all two–dimensional image–making, including drawing, painting, photography, illustration, textiles and graphic design. The interactions, elements and principles that are illustrated in this publication can be directly applied to all two–dimensional media and will provide a solid foundation for subsequent learning and aesthetic development in the visual arts.

Nature on the Toronto Islands: An Explorer’s Guide

Toronto Parks & Recreation 

from the introduction:

This guide is designed to encourage you to explore the many special and beautiful natural areas on the Toronto Islands, and to help you understand their importance and value.

The Toronto Islands are one of the city’s most treasured green spaces. Formed from one of Lake Ontario’s largest sandspits, they are an archipelago of 14 islands, some 325 hectares in size. About 230 hectares of the Islands are maintained as public parkland by Toronto Parks & Recreation.

Some 40 hectares remain in a natural state.  Within these natural areas, there are unique landforms, unusual vegetation communities and productive aquatic habitats. These areas support rare plants, a thriving fishery, and many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

For those who like walking, this guide outlines a route that highlights many of the natural features of the Islands. The walk starts at Hanlan’s Point in the west and finishes at Ward’s Island in the east, but can be started at any point. A complete tour could take two or more hours. Others, more inclined to dabble, may choose to explore only one or two aspects of the Islands’ treasures

Whatever way you choose to explore the natural features of the Islands, we hope you enjoy your stay and that you will visit often…

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Linda Rosenbaum and Peter Dean


The Essential Toronto Island Guide

Visitors can find out where to go and what to do on Toronto Island

Price: $ 14.95 Order Now

92-page fully illustrated guidebook to Toronto Island
(including Toronto Island Park and the Toronto Island Community).

Included in The Essential Toronto Island Guide are:

  • useful maps to help you get around the Island
  • a quick reference guide to attractions and services (including bike and boat rentals, restaurants, and island B&B’s)
  • special places of interest for families, athletes, nature lovers and the romantically inclined;
  • two unique, self-guided walking tours: one of Centre Island and another for the Island community on Ward’s Island
  • info on where to go and what to do in winter
  • points of interest about Island history
  • over 100 photographs, past and present
  • budget tips
  • little-known facts and stories about Island life and history
  • answers to frequently asked questions about living on the Island


Written by two long-time island residents:

Linda Rosenbaum lives with her husband Robin and their two children on Toronto Island, where she has lived for over 30 years. As an avid birdwatcher, canoeist and bicyclist, Linda knows all corners of the Island and takes great pleasure in sharing the wonders of what she considers to be a very special place.


Peter Dean
, also an Island resident for over 30 years, lives with his wife Penny, has raised two daughters (and several dogs and cats) on the Island in their extensively renovated “cottage” overlooking Lake Ontario. Peter has always been active in the Island’s political affairs and takes particular interest in researching and writing about Island homes.

To order a copy of The Essential Island Guide, send a cheque for $ 14.95 to:

4 Nottawa Avenue
Toronto, Ontario  M5J 2C8

or call Linda Rosenbaum @ 416 203 1038

The Toronto Islands, An Illustrated History
ISBN: 0919567223
Publisher: Dreadnaught, Toronto
Publication Date: 1983
(Out of print)

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Sally Gibson


More Than an Island 

Out-of-print, but now available from a special, mainland source
… the author’s basement 

 Originally described by Islanders’ friend, Jane Jacobs , as “city history at its very best,
More Than an Island ” has been a staple of Island coffee tables and bookshelves since its publication. 

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