Joanna Kidd

kidd-torislexplorersguide.jpg  Nature on the Toronto Islands: An Explorer’s Guide

Toronto Parks & Recreation 

from the introduction:

This guide is designed to encourage you to explore the many special and beautiful natural areas on the Toronto Islands, and to help you understand their importance and value.

The Toronto Islands are one of the city’s most treasured green spaces. Formed from one of Lake Ontarios largest sandspits, they are an archipelago of 14 islands, some 325 hectares in size. About 230 hectares of the Islands are maintained as public parkland by Toronto Parks & Recreation.

Some 40 hectares remain in a natural state.  Within these natural areas, there are unique landforms, unusual vegetation communities and productive aquatic habitats. These areas support rare plants, a thriving fishery, and many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

For those who like walking, this guide outlines a route that highlights many of the natural features of the Islands. The walk starts at Hanlan’s Point in the west and finishes at Wards Island in the east, but can be started at any point. A complete tour could take two or more hours. Others, more inclined to dabble, may choose to explore only one or two aspects of the Islandstreasures

Whatever way you choose to explore the natural features of the Islands, we hope you enjoy your stay and that you will visit often...