Glenn McArthur and Annie Szamosi

mcarthur-williamthomas.jpg  William Thomas, Architect 1799-1860

ISBN 0-88629-284-0

Copyright Glenn McArthur and Annie Szamosi, 1996.

Among architect-historians, William Thomas is recognized for being "one of the founders of the Canadian architectural profession".

Glenn McArthur and Annie Szamosi's fresh and information text surveys all of Thomas's known and attributed works. McArthur's superb photographs and watercolours are complemented by contemporary views, old photographs of demolished buildings, and orginal sketches.

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Winner of a 1997 Heritage Toronto Book Award


  A Progressive Traditionalist: John M. Lyle

Lyle was an anomaly among architects: a Beaux-Arts classicist who nevertheless found much inspiration in modernism, allowing his own traditionalist practice to be affected in form and detail by a brave new emphasis on minimalism and indigenous influence. 

This publication traces the aesthetic trajectory of the architect through the tumultuous first half of the twentieth century, documenting his training at Yale and in Paris, his early career in New York and his later successes in Toronto, including his tireless efforts to raise the profile of the profession through teaching, writing, curating and lecturing, and his attempts to pave the way for a uniquely Canadian architecture. 

Winner of the 2010 Heritage Toronto Book Award

   Colour and Two-Dimensional Design

This is the second edition of the highly successful Colour and Two–Dimensional Design textbook, which has been expanded with updated information and includes new units on Light and Lighting and Materials.

This is a comprehensive source for basic colour and design interactions, elements and principles that underlie all two–dimensional image–making, including drawing, painting, photography, illustration, textiles and graphic design. The interactions, elements and principles that are illustrated in this publication can be directly applied to all two–dimensional media and will provide a solid foundation for subsequent learning and aesthetic development in the visual arts.