Toronto Island Genealogical Research

Genealogy is my passion.  I have been actively researching my family lines and locations for almost 40 years and, in the process, have amassed a great deal of information that might be useful to others.

Below you will find some hard to find, public domain lists that would be very interesting to those who have Toronto roots, in particular relations who lived on the Toronto Islands. 

I have posted up Tax Assessment Rolls, Federal Census, Federal Voting Registers (Voters Lists) all relating to the Toronto Islands (of days gone by).  All of these lists of people are in the public domain and available via Library and Archives Canada and other public sources.

If I can be of assistance with your genealogical interests, please feel free to contact me via the Feedback form at the bottom of this page. My research specialties include: Toronto Islands, the Commonwealth, and the USA.  I also have experience with records written in Cyrillic and Chinese. 

Eric Zhelka

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What's New?

2013-02-04 - added 1911 Census of Canada images (33 pages) for the Toronto South Riding, Ward 4, Enumeration District 1 (Toronto Islands).  Note, the PDF file to download is 33 MB.  The index to this Census can be found here.  
2013-01-26 - added the 1935 Canadian Federal Voters List for Spadina Riding, Poll 1 (Toronto Islands); the 1861 Census of Canada images (1 page) for the Toronto Riding of St. Georges' Ward, Enumeration District 38 (Toronto Islands), and the 1853 City of Toronto Tax Assessment Rolls, page 42, Peninsula (pre-Toronto Islands).