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"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things."
~ Plato
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Because of our natural setting, Gibraltar Point Day Nursery is unique from any other Centre. We have a whole Island for our children to explore and learn from. We are proud that our children think of Gibraltar Point Day Nursery as a warm and happy home away from home. Our philosophy is one of freedom with limits based on positive reinforcement.  small lighthouse

We offer each child the opportunity:

  • to be and feel secure, safe and happy in an atmosphere, especially created to help a child develop to his/her full potential
  • to participate in a balanced program covering the areas of intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth
  • to experience activities which are at times structured to provide for guidance and are at times unstructured to allow for free individual expression
  • to develop a positive self-image through appropriate and challenging experiences
  • to learn self-discipline, positive work habits and independence through encouragement
  • to develop a positive self-image through a relaxed, supportive climate, where each child is loved and valued for himself/herself.


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