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The Island Community is saddened by the death of our long time city councillor, Pam McConnell. She was a great friend to the Island and will be sorely missed by all of us. 

As a school trustee, she was essential in getting the new Island school built. As a councillor, she was a source of support and counsel that the community turned to. Most recently, she was instrumental in getting initial funding and a vision for a new Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and setting up the Toronto Island Advisory Committee, which, for the first time, brought Island stakeholders and Parks bureaucracy together to address mutual concerns. 

Pam was principled, compassionate and dedicated to the city. 


(A view from the Island side)

Lake Ontario's high water has flooded large areas of the Toronto Islands.  Most of the residential areas are OK.

The Wards Island Cafe & The Rectory and the B&B's are operating. The AIA and the WIA (community centres) are dry.

The park is officially closed until August 1 and all the event permits have been cancelled. Centreville is closed as are the beaches because there are no life guards.  Daily water testing has started and the beaches are safe to swim. The general public are being discouraged from coming to Ward's Island and there is no ferry service to Centre or Hanlan's Point.

However most Island businesses are open and operating (it's a good idea to call first!)

David Smiley

Toronto Island History Project

Plans are slowly forming to organize a formal web-based archive of Toronto Island History.  The site is coming together!

You can see it organically forming (with your submissions) at:

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