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Ward’s Dock Renewal Initiative Minimize

A group of Toronto Island residents has formed a committee, under the aegis of the Toronto Island Community Association, to improve the Ward's Island dock, the eastern gateway to Toronto Island for thousands of people every year. Several changes have already been made, and the group has entered into a Partnership with Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation to restore and renovate the Waiting Shed, where visitors and residents wait for the ferry.

To find out about this project — the objectives, issues of concern, and achievements to date — please visit
Send your ideas and comments to

And if you’d like to contribute to this initiative, please find our project on the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation website — — and click “Donate” on the Ward’s Dock project. Donations of $10 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Toronto Island History Project

Plans are slowly forming to organize a formal web-based archive of Toronto Island History.  The site is coming together!

You can see it organically forming (with your submissions) at:

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