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Rosemary Parson's exhibition SAVE ISLAND HOMES

Jul 3-Aug 5, 2019 | opening reception Wed 3 Jul, 7-9pm:

In 1970s, the community on Toronto Island lived under the constant threat of eviction. Rosemary Parson's exhibition SAVE ISLAND HOMES addresses this history through photo transfer encaustic collages of newspaper articles and images from that period.

Rectory Gallery is within The Riviera Cafe - Ward's Island Kitchen

Poster: Save Island Homes by Rosemary Parson 2019

Toronto Island History Project

A web-based archive of Toronto Island History has now launched.  The site has come together and we need input / materials from you!

You can see it continue to grow and expand (with your submissions) at:   (where you can also find contact details).  Please share digital pictures / scans of whatever you've got about our Toronto Island and related Harbour.  If you have web skills to offer, please contact us.

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